Novice – Honorable Mention

Patricia Horobiowski 

Superstition Mountains in the Sun

Novice Honorable Mention

Shirley Fiske – Blue, White and Bloom

Mixed Media 1st Place

Ricki Nordmeyer – Tiger Lily

Mixed Media – 2nd Place

Judy Hanson – Warrior

Beginner 1st Place

Pat Cramer – Red Rock Crossing

Beginner 2nd Place

Mary Smith – Field of Love

Beginner 3rd Place

Constance Vadheim Roth – Prelude to Winter

Beginner Honorable Mention

Donald Friske – Barbella

Intermediate 1st Place

Sandra Wulf – My Superstitious Friends

Intermediate 2nd Place

Nancy Dobbs – Blue Zone

Intermediate 3rd Place

Cynthia Wyatt – Daughter’s Garden

Intermediate Honorable Mention

Donna George – Country Road

Intermediate Honorable Mention

Peggy Simpson – Blue Vase with Flowers

Advanced 1st Place

Rhonda Homme – Cuddles

Advanced 2nd Place

Ricki Nordmeyer – Jack Rabbit

Advanced 3rd Place

Susan Decker – I see Ewe, Lopez Island

Advanced Honorable Mention

Donna Davis – Cascade

Advanced Honorable Mention

Micha King – Tailgaters

Professional 1st Place

Lee Phillips – Another Day in the Sun

(Photo unavailable)

Professional Honorable Mention

Lois Doty – Home with the Catch

Professional 2nd Place

Sherry Whitney – My Friend

Professional 3rd Place

Marilyn Watkins – Light Thru the Trees

Professional Honorable Mention

Lady Russ – Amy

Professional Honorable Mention

Billie Thompson – It’s Time

Best In Show

Dyanne Locati – Dancing in the Sunlight

Novice People’s Choice

Patricia Horobiowski – Superstition Mountains in the SUn

Beginners People’s Choice

Mary Smith – Field of Love

Intermediate People’s Choice

Jeanine Chartier – Wisdom Comes With Age

Advanced People’s Choice

Sharon Cottle – Stunning Arizona Sky

Professional People’s Choice

Sherry Whitney – Butterfly

Mixed Media People’s Choice

Sandy Sperry – Of Course I Am A Princess