Monthly Winners

September 2021 Monthly Winners

First place: Sherry Whitney, Dulcinea

Second place: Billie Thompson, Einstein

Third place: Sally Magnussen, Rosie

August Monthly Winners

First Place: Mary Beth Cornelius, Hillside Bloom

Second place: Julie Mannthei, Justice

Third place (tie): Eileen Zachary, Cassanova Overlooking Venus, Italy’s Canals

Third place (tie): Susan Light, Butterfly

July 2021 Monthly Winners

First Place: Julie Manthei, Shoe Flower

Second Place: Linda Buckbinder, Enrapt Audience

third Place: Eileen Zachary, Happy Baby

June 2021 Monthly Winners

First Place: Cowboy by Sandy Martin

Second Place: Sunflower Day by Billie Thompson

Third Place: Genesis by Eileen Zachary

May 2021 Monthly Winners

First place, Susan Light, Cactus Flowers

Second place, Eileen Zachary, Where the Myth is Born

Third place, Marilyn Watkins, Raven Speaks

April 2021 Monthly Winners

First place: Sue Light, Here’s to ya!

Second place: Deb Sullivan, Double Vision

Third place: Rhonda Homme, The Woods are Lovely Dark and Deep

March 2021 Monthly Winners

First Place – Vera Lane, “Summer Cottage”

Second and Third Place (tie) – Cindy Giusto, “Reflections on Bourbon St”

Second and Third Place (tie) – Linda Buckbinder, “Ringwood”

February 2021 Monthly Winners

First place: “Horse Love” by Cheryl Luts
Second place: “Winter” by Roberta Plastino
Third Place (tie): “Peanut” by Sue Light
Third place (tie): “On the Right Path” by Cindy Giusto

January 2021 Monthly Winners